No Wings. No Bull. All Passion.
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About us

    No Wings. No Bull. All Passion!
    Passion. It drives the heart and inspires us to dream big. Whether your
    dream is to become a renowned artist, world-class athlete, or Nobel Prize
    winner, Matador will give you the boost you need to move forward. Packed
    with yerba matte and all other natural ingredients, Matador will help you
    stay healthy, focused, and passionate.
    We don’t give you wings, we power your passion. ®
    What We Do
    We are an all-natural, green & healthy energy drink brand that promotes
    an active and healthy lifestyle.
    We value passion in life more than anything else.
    Our Product
    Matador has come a long way. And we would like to thank all of our fans
    around the world for sharing your passion with us. Here at Matador, we
    strive to create the best and healthiest energy drink possible to power your